LSF Documents

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Document | Description | Due Date

Educator's Guidebook Updated 09.10.21; Contains LSF logistics, rules, and registration information. For educators, parents, and adult sponsors. | N/A

Student Registration | Online application for all students (please complete forms in the registration packet before submitting) | Due by March 05, 2022

List of Participants | Each school or association must submit one list to ensure all students are properly registered. | Due by March 05, 2022

Registration Packets (Updated 09.14.21)
Printable handouts to give to students prior to registration. Choose the appropriate packet based on students' grade levels.

Junior Division Registration Packet | for grades 5-8 | Due by March 05, 2022

Senior Division Registration Packet | for grades 9-12 | Due by March 05, 2022

Determing Project Categories | for all grades

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