Scratching the Surface

Helping Educators Learn Programming

College of Charleston is proud to offer teachers, all over South Carolina, the chance to learn Scratch, a visual programming language designed to make programming both fun and easy. Teachers will participate in a workshop that guides them through the basic steps of creating, sharing, and remixing projects. With their newly acquired knowledge, the teachers can then create assignments for their students that both teach them an important concept related to their subject area and bring the students a little closer to the wonderful world of computer science. Other teachers can then use these assignments for their own classes and even remix them to better suit their taste!

Below is a link to the Google Drive folder that contains workshop materials and the previously made student assignments created by teachers, for teachers. If you wish to add to the student assignment folder, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Each assignment write up should contain the standard that the assignment covers, including grade and section numbers
  • Both the writeup and the Scratch project name should have the grade, subject, and activity name included in the title, e.g. "6th Grade Math Probability Game"
  • In your Scratch world, please consider adding your name, school, and date to the "Notes and Credits" section.
  • Files can be uploaded at
  • Once the files are reviewed for appropriateness, they will be uploaded t  the Google project drive.

The link to the project drive is located here:

We look forward to your submissions!

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